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DIO – Holy Diver vinyl release

In accordance to the official Ronnie James Dio website, one of my favorite metal albums and one of the best classic metal albums ever,  the first album of heavy metal band Dio, Holy Diver will be released on a high definition 180 gram pictured vinyl on November 23 2010. It will be one of the most valuable items in my collection.

For now, I don’t have a Holy Diver vinyl in my collection at all. I just have a CD. About two weeks ago I saw the used Holy Diver vinyl in the StreetLight Records store in San Jose, but I did not buy it because of its pure condition… Looking forward for this release. It will be sold in stores that carry vinyl and on the Dio Web Store.

In accordance to Niji Entertainment Group, the complete DIO vinyl collection will be released in 2011 close to Holiday season. It will have deluxe booklets and tour laminates. Also the same year it will release a lot of Rainbow and Elf records, all on 180 gram colored vinyl. I can’t wait for these releases….

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