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Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier (Double Vinyl Picture Disc)

Guys! Just listened to the vinyl at first time! What can I say… The album has 10 songs. From the first listening I noticed at least 7 that really liked. I just did not really liked the intro of the Satellite 15 The Final Frontier. It’s a long song that lasts eight minutes and forty seconds (not the longest one). The intro lasts about two minutes and sounds like kind of space-music, kind of Nightflight to Venus… but from Iron Maiden:)… It’s my first opinion and I may change my mind after the second listening. But the thing I really adored is the design of the LP. It comes on two pictured vinyls, 33 rpm. Here are the pictures:

Side One of the first disc

Side Two of the first disc

Second disc -Side One

Second disc -Side Two

The front of the envelope

The back of the envelope

First disc envelope

Second disc envelope

You can buy the LP on Amazon by clicking on a widget above.

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