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Danzig – On A Wicked Night

Me and my son went to the Danzig’s concert at Regency Balroom in San Francisco on June 25 2010. Danzig performed about two hours, played a lot of old stuff and new songs from his recently released album Deth Red Sabaoth. I still do not have this album on LP, because it has not been released yet, but I will definitely buy it once they do. All I have for now is a 7″ vinyl record that contains only two songs from the new album. The name of the record is by one of the songs, On a Wicked Night. The second song is The Revengeful. The record has a good sound quality, was recorded on 45 rpm. I got it for free in addition to the concert tickets, but it also can be found on Amazon for about $27. You can buy it there by clicking on a widget below.

The Front

The Record

The Back

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