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Metallica… For me Metallica is not just a great rock band, it’s not just an awesome music. I do not really even know how to describe exactly what they mean to me.  Conceivably, for me Metallica is a kind of extremely powerful positive energy that I need in order to live the way I know.  Metallica helps me to deal with all major things that I would not be able to go through alone, like fear of death, loneliness, injustice, sorrow, love, anger and may be the most important thing is the conscience of non forgiveness for those things that I can’t forgive me for…

I saw them live four times. Twice in Israel, in 1993 and 1998 (or 99?) and twice in California. I believe it’s unnecessary to say that I have all studio albums on LPs,  most of them on high definition LPs. I will  show them a little later in my next posts. But now I just want to thank them for the incredible job they did and continue to do, for giving me what they gave me, for making me stronger and personally better. Thank you guys!

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