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Motörhead – The Wörld Is Yours

About three weeks ago I received a twentieth album of the British rock band Motörhead named The Wörld Is Yours, released on a single 12″ black LP coming in a gatefold sleeve.  The disk contains ten tracks, proving very well that Rock ‘n’ Roll Music is the true religion ( a quotation from the  Rock ‘n’ Roll Music song ) for the band. The album was released in February 2011 and provides us an old school melodic Heavy Metal as Motörhead knows well to produce.

I’m very happy, that I had the opportunity to see Motörhead in San Francisco the days before the album release, and to hear live several songs from this album. My favorite songs on this record are: Born to Lose, I Know How to Die, Get Back In Line, Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, Brotherhood of Man,  Outlaw  and Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye.

But the thing that makes this album very special for me is its dedication to the memory of Ronnie James Dio.

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