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Accept w/ Sabaton – San Francisco, CA – April/28/2011

Was waiting for this event for a long time, and finally the Day came. Despite on the allergy symptoms that I have every spring, like a wet nose, red eyes full of tears, that makes me extremely hard to drive, I said nothing’s gonna stop me to see Accept live.

Me and my son arrived to the Regency Ballroom around 7:15pm. We did not have VIP tickets, so we were not able to greet the band in a lobby, but we were standing so close, so we could see the fans taking picture with them.

About 10 minutes later, the greeting procedure was over, and they opened the lobby, so people could buy some T-shirts, discs and drinks. I bought a “Blood of the Nations” T-shirt and a beer and then we followed toward the stage.

Sabaton started to rock at 8pm. It’s a metal band from Sweden, formed in 1999. I loved all the songs, especially Primo Victoria. Also liked their interaction with the audience. Definitely, will go to see them again. 

Accept started the performance around 9:00pm. They rocked about two hours. From the “Blood of the Nations” they sang Teutonic Terror, Bucket Full of Hate, New World Coming and Pandemic.

I was very happy to hear a lot of old stuff, that was actually the first time I heard with Mark. Fast as a Shark, Restless and Wild, Balls to the Wall, Princess of the Dawn, Neon Nights and many other classic songs sounded like in a old good times.

We were standing very close to the stage and the sound was fantastic. Accept made a real show. The lead guitar solo, the bass solo were not just the solos, but came also in a way of kind of guitar battle between Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes. Simply everything was amazing.

After the concert we waited a little outside near the band’s bus, hoping they coming out. And we were lucky. Wolf was probably tired, so he only agreed to make one picture with a fan, but I had his handshake. My son had a nice conversation with Stefan Schwarzmann and Mark was very kind to make a picture with me.

It was a great experience for us and especially for me after almost 25 years with Accept. Thank you , guys and please come back to the Bay Area!

















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