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Metallica’s “…And Justice for All” on Green Vinyl

Great news from Metallica! On Thursday 6/23 at 1pm PDT they release on sale their 4th studio album “…And Justice for All” on a Green Vinyl. It will be a deluxe set of four high definition 180-gram 45 rpm  LPs. They release only 1000 copies . 500 of them will be available on a Metallica.com for the fan club members only, and 500 copies will be sold to the public on BecauseSoundMatters.com.

This is one of my favorite Metallica’s album and I already have it on a deluxe edition LP set. Exactly like the one to be release, but black. So, I will not purchase the new limited copy not because I don’t want to, but because it will be too expensive for me to buy actually the same item. There will not be any sound difference. But if you still do not have this great album on a high definition LP, here is your chance to populate your vinyl collection with the limited edition of it. The regular edition could be found for sale here:

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