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Kino – The Last Hero (1989)

Would like to go back a little to the past. Nineteen eighties, Soviet Union, Leningrad. I’m a teenager. Moving toward rock music, starting to listen to local rock bands, members of the Leningrad Rock Club. Alisa, Kino, DDT, Zoopark, Aquarium, Grazdanskaya Oborona… Was very exited back then, had a feeling of freedom and growing maturity. Russian rock was at the stage of transforming from underground into a professional movement, that means bands started to be more independent of the Rock Club, that was actually established in order to control them, to tell them exactly what is allowed to sing and what is not. Bands started to perform on a big stages and even started to tour within the Soviet cities.

Kino (Cinema) was my favorite band, formed by Victor Tsoi who died in a car accident on August 15 1990. The style they played  at the beginning  was much closer to a bard singing, with some elements of Jazz and Rock and Roll, than to rock. But later they started to play in a New Wave style, using the electronic drums in a studio.  I saw them live about 3 times, the last time was in 1989 on a stage of the former Sport and Concert Complex named by Lenin.

On April 22 1990 I left Leningrad and two days later me and my family arrived to Tel Aviv, there was no direct flight yet between the cities. I was 16, left all my friends and felt very lonely. The only treatment of loneliness for me was music. Was not able to bring with me my turntable and a cassette player. Also was forced to leave in USSR almost all my LPs, was allowed to take with me only 15. It was a hard mission for me to choose 15 records of almost 200 LP collection, almost impossible. But I took with me all my tapes. My parents could not afford to buy me a player, I also did not allow myself to take money from them. I went to work on a building construction area after school and planned to buy a cassette player from my first salary. I was waiting for that day for 2 weeks and counted the days till I could get the money, buy a player and listen to Kino. At the payment day morning I put the last X to the calendar and ran to the bank and then to the store. How ironic, but this day was August 15 1990, so actually I counted the days till Victor’s Death.

Two weeks ago I was lucky to get the Kino’s LP “The Last Hero”, recorded in France in 1989. This record is actually a compilation of the best Kino songs. I would like to share with you a song named “Good Night”, that was originally recorded on a “Blood Type” album in 1988 and was rearranged on “The Last Hero”. Hope you guys will enjoy it as I still do.

P.S.: Just saw the news and was very surprised that they made Kino song “Peremen” (Changes) prohibited for the broadcasting in Belarus. An that after 21 since Victor died… So, lets enjoy some “Peremen”, by the way it’s a last Kino performance, recorded in Moscow in 1990:

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  • Roman Begelfer December 31, 2011, 6:50 pm

    Dany, thanks for your story. Very touchy. I remember I was jelous you that you went to all these concerts in Leningrad and I was only 11 years old and only enjoyed the Russian rock from Israel later on.
    Keep posting the good stuff! S Novym Godom!!!

  • Danny December 31, 2011, 8:50 pm

    Thank you, Roma! Happy New Year!!!

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