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Metallica in San Francisco, CA at DreamForce – August 31 2011

Yesterday was a great day for me. I was lucky to see Metallica at DreamForce event in San Francisco. Here I must thank my dear wife who won two tickets to the event. If she would not win, I doubt I could afford to pay $899 for the entire event just in order to see my favorite band.

After long day at work, we moved toward San Francisco. The traffic was OK, so it took about 40 minutes to get to downtown from Mountain View where I work. We arrived and immediately found a free parking space, close to the Moscone Center, where Metallica performed.We picked up the tickets and still had about an hour till they let us in.

   Once we got inside, to the Howard street, there was like a Carnival: costumes, music, dancing, free beer and food, so I had my cup of Sierra Nevada. And finally we’re there, standing really close to the stage, at the center. It was a first time in my life I saw ‘Tallica guys so close. As always they did it great, show lasted more than 90 minutes as it was announced. Starting with  Ecstasy of gold / Creeping Death and finalizing with Seek And Destroy, the minutes flew like seconds. Great sound, awesome visibility made this event the unforgettable for me.

I tried just to enjoy the show, but, you know, when you have a smart phone in a pocket, you just can’t not to capture. That’s what I did and now we have some 20 minute movie. Enjoy!!!


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