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Trust Me, I’m Dr. Ozzy book signing – San Francisco, Oct-22-2011

Just came back from San Francisco. There was a book signing event. Ozzy Osbourne just released his new book “Trust me, I’m Dr. Ozzy”. Unfortunately, still did not have a time to read it, I just got it at the event, but spending some time in a line outside to get  it signed by Ozzy, I had about an hour to briefly view several pages. Ozzy wrote this book with Chris Ayres and it contains a lot of life-helpful advices written in a very funny manner . Many people asked Ozzy all kind of questions and writers answer them. And the answers you find in this book will probably really help, because they are based on a very reach and true experience.

I was very excited to see Ozzy and to shake his hand again. I would also like to thank Albina and Pasha who I met there and who kindly agreed to capture me with the Prince of Darkness:

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