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Megadeth – TH1RT3EN

Finally it’s here!!! Finally I’m holding it in my hands!!! Actually, I already listened to the album several times, because yesterday I downloaded my digital copy, but today I received the rest of the package: double pictured vinyl and a CD. It’s a thirteenth studio album of my favorite band Megadeth and a first album since 2001 where Dave Ellefson performs, it has thirteen songs on it and the last song titled “13”.

So, listening to the digital copy was awesome, but it was in a car and it was in MP3 format. Now, after my kids went asleep and my lovely wife knows I’m not coming soon to the bedroom, I can relax and enjoy the TH1RT3EN. It sounds completely different on vinyl, on a high-quality amp. Some of the songs I already partially remember. For my opinion, the album is much more powerful than the previous successful Endgame,  by all meanings. Sounds heavy and melodic. Politically actual, honest and straight. Has a lot of interesting arrangements. Songs I just adored are: We The People, New World Order and 13. When I heard them at the first time I had a feeling like I know them forever. It does not happen to me often. Anyway, the whole album is great and a pictured vinyl looks (and sounds) awesome. Thank you Megadeth for such a great work!

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