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Elf Limited Edition Picture Disc review

Today I received a limited edition picture disc of Elf, the rock band that was founded in 1967 by Ronnie James Dio. Only 2500 were made and my copy is number 94. For me it’s not just another beautiful made LP,  it is a first step of the becoming Ronnie  a metal musician. He did not only perform there as a singer, but also played bass. BTW, back then he was performed by his original name, Ronald Padavona.

This is a debut album titled the “Elf” as well, released in 1972 and produced by Deep Purple members Roger Glover and Ian Paice. The LP was remastered from the original tape and sounds really great. I recorded two songs from it, so if you still did not buy this great LP, you can enjoy them here:

The thing I liked most about the design is the personal copy number sticker on a sleeve, inside the word ELF it has a little running elf’s picture, jut like it appears on the rear record side. Thanks, Niji, for the awesome release!!!


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