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Metallica’s 30th Anniversary Celebration at Fillmore, SF CA-Dec-10-2011

Thanks to my lovely wife who won a ticket, I was so lucky to celebrate yesterday Metallica‘s 30-th anniversary in the Fillmore theater in San Francisco, CA. That was the fourth and last evening of the great celebration, full of activities and surprises. Some surprises were kind of predictable, at least for me. I had a feeling that Dave Mustaine will be there and I was so happy to see his tweet on Saturday morning where he says he goes up to SF to celebrate with Metallica. Ozzy was unexpected. Jim Breuer hosted two trivia games with the clubbers. One of them was “Name that riff”. The battle was between 3 guys, American Kevin, Russian Vladimir and one Canadian guy, sorry I forgot his name, but anyway he got zero points. Kevin won, but Vladimir also was so close… It really was not easy, especially because on a stage you do not hear as in a venue, the sound is really different there.

We were so close to the stage, I think even closer than on a Salesforce event, so I could not hold myself and not to film some parts of the show. I captured some moments of the event. On the video you can enjoy a new Metallica’s song Rebel Of Babylon, that was recorded with the Death Magnetic, but was not included in the album; you will  see Metallica plays with Ozzy and Geezer Butler, Dave Mustaine, Bob Rock and ex Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. You will see the performance of the Death Angel, they played several songs there, but I captured only “Kill as One”. You will see Rob Trujillo talking about Cliff… Metallica invited to stage the couple, Dennis and Annette Diaz who played Master Of  Puppets on their wedding and played Blackended with them. You will see a super fan, who attended Metallica concerts about 190 times. Enjoy my video!!! You can also find some pictures on my FB album.

And for Metallica boys, thank you very-very much for what you’re doing! It’s very important for me and for many others!!! Wish you many more productive years!!! BTW, on the post picture you can see two tickets, the bottom one is from yesterday’s celebration, the last time (for now) I saw Metallica and the upper ticket is the one I used in 1993 to see the band for the first time in my life in Tel Aviv. I still have that ticket in my archive and some fragments of the concert are still in my memory. “Tel Aviv is great fucking city!” said James having beer on stage… It was the only time I heard “Disposable Heroes” live… Almost 3 hours of great metal performance… So, what you’re doing, guys, is unforgettable. Thank you and rock on!

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  • Filmore January 13, 2012, 12:56 pm

    Metallica is awesome! So wish I could have been their. The wedding people are just crazy awesome!

  • Danny January 13, 2012, 1:14 pm

    I agree, it was an awesome event! Thanks, for visiting my blog!

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