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Lulu-Lou Reed & Metallica (2011)

The most recent Metallica’s studio work is not the last week released EP Beyond Magnetic, that I just adored,  but their common work with Lou Reed titled Lulu. Lou Reed and Metallica recorded Lulu in spring-summer 2011 in San Rafael, CA. This is actually Lou Reed’s album, he wrote all lyrics, he’s a main singer there. I’m not a Lou Reed fan, but I must admit I found this project very interesting. I did not like every song, no. I would say, some of them probably demand more than one time listening in order to understand them, like Pumping Blood and Mistress Dread, for example. But there are songs that really deserve the respect, like Cheat On Me, Brandenburg Gate, Dragon, The View and Frustration.

It was a first time tonight I listened to the album and I’m glad my opinion is based on my own judgment, but not on many negative comments I’ve read online, and now I know they all are not objective. Some people just can’t accept something they do not expect. This collaboration was a complete surprise for me, just as for many others, and of course it brings something new to the both sides. The question is if you’re open to accept the new things and then to judge them. All I can say to those who still did not listen to this album is: sit in a dark, relax, have some drink and enjoy it, like I did, holding the well designed sleeve in my hands and looking at the spinning record on my turntable, shining on it with its blue stroboscope eye.


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  • Tim June 25, 2012, 3:42 am

    Hey Danny,
    I very much like your small review. Been a long time Metallica fan and I have enough of the negative Lulu reviews. I cheerish yours.

  • Danny June 25, 2012, 7:05 am

    Thank you, Tim. I very appreciate it and glad you liked my post. I’m also a long time Metallica fan and I really respect each and every work they do. I also think, that Metallica just beautified this album, so it became much more interesting and deep.

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