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Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Just watched the holiday message from Black Sabbath and got an extremely strong wish to listen to them. I have many vinyls of Black Sabbath,  but today, at the 8-th Hanukkah night, I picked up Paranoid. It’s their second studio album recorded in 1970, but the first one of them I listened to. My friend brought it to me on a cassette tape and I immediately felt in love with what I heard. BTW, this was also a first time I heard Ozzy’s voice  and name. At this day, I was sitting in a kitchen with my cassette player and running it over and over, I just could not stop.

This cassette tape I used for several years before I bought the album on a CD. The LP I bought much later, when I decided to rebuild my vinyl collection. I started to rebuild it slowly from my favorites, and Paranoid was one of the first records I purchased.  My copy was made in USA and it comes on a single black 12″ vinyl with a beautiful gatefold sleeve. The sound is great, I can really feel Butler’s bass guitar and Ward’s drums right inside my chest, exactly as I like. The album has eight songs and my favorites are…all of them, really, no exceptions here. Every song on that album has something that tells me “Danny, that’s the best one!”.

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