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Judas Priest – Painkiller

Every day after coming back home from work I need some good stuff, need some Metal. Tonight I need Judas Priest and I pick up Painkiller. The 12-th studio album released in 1990 just blew me away when I listened to it at my friend’s car. I think it was in 1991, we were on our way out  to some pub. I remember like it was yesterday, I open the car door and hear Halford’s  singing “In the night come to me, you know I want your Touch of Evil…”, and this touched my heart right away.

The album comes on double 12″ 33 rpm LP, mine was released in 2001. Originally it has ten songs, but the vinyl I have includes also two bonus tracks: “Living Bad Dreams”, which is an awesome metal ballad,  and a live version of “Leather Rebel”. The LPs are black and one side of each has a Painkiller logo in the middle with a dracon-cycle and a metal knight on it riding over the nuked city. Very like Priest, always brings me back a good mood, hope you know what I mean.

Probably, this is my last post in 2011. Would like to use this opportunity and to wish all you and your families a Happy New 2012 Year, full of good music and only positive emotions!

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