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Sepultura – Chaos A.D.

Back to my army days, about 18 years ago, I adored Sepultura. Listened to them every single day, kind of helped me to escape the reality. Actually, I still like them,but the original membership, with Max and Igor Cavalera. Chaos A.D. is the fifth album recorded in 1992-1993. I always had it on a CD, just like the rest of their albums. Recently I decided to purchase Chaos and Arise on a vinyl. Next one will be Beneath The Remains. The three albums that I like the most. 

The album has 12 tracks. My favorites are: Refuse/Resist, Territory, Slave New World. “Kaiowas” is one of the best instrumentals I’ve ever heard, very touchy, just like the tribe’s history; Amen, Propaganda and I really like “The Hunt”.

The copy I have comes on a single 180 gram black vinyl, made in Germany by Cargo Records. German pressing sounds usually better.

The vinyl has a beautiful Sepultura’s logo:

The internal sleeve has the lyrics and the actual pictures related to the songs topics:

And it also comes with an insert that has a band’s picture on the one side and gratitude expressions on the other one:

Today, listening to Chaos A.D., I realized how much I missed the album. It’s been almost a year since I listened to it for the last time. Will never do such a long break, especially having this great vinyl LP in my collection. And what do you think about this album and the band?

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