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Monterey Bay Aquarium-covered by Ozzy:)

I know, it’s not really related to the blog topic, but still… There are things in a world which I could not imagine my life without. They are music, my life style, my friends. But at the first place there is my family. I would like to use the opportunity and thank them for being the most important part of my life.

I always feel like I’m not doing enough for them. Today I took them to Monterey, California. There is a Bay Aquarium, that my daughter wished to visit. Many beautiful fishes, sharks, jelly fishes of many sorts and sea turtles made our day. I made a short video clip using my iphone. I dedicate this clip to my dear family. I found Ozzy Osbourne’s song “Dreamer” would be a great background for that video. Unfortunately,  I do not have this album (Down To Earth) on a vinyl record (shame on me), so I took the song from the CD. Please enjoy this great song watching the wonderful underwater world.

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