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Therapy? – Troublegum

One of the bands I discovered in the middle of the nineties was Therapy?, a trio from Ireland playing an alternative metal, as they say. I’m not a music style specialist, so for me it does not really matter how they call the style, all I know is I loved the Troublegum right away.

This is actually band’s fourth album, but a second major one, because first two were mini. I loved it not only because of its melodic and a little  aggressive music, but also because of the honesty in the lyrics. Back then I was only 22 and I felt like some of the songs were really close to what I had in my soul.

Only 16 years later after hearing Troublegum first, I bought the album on a vinyl, the original 1994 release, and I was very lucky to get it brand new, factory sealed and also a limited edition of it, pressed on a green  12″ vinyl. All these 16 years I had it on a CD, but for some reason have not listen to it for last couple of years, so today, listening to the vinyl for the first time I was really satisfied, had a lot of memories from the past when I saw them performing in Tel Aviv…







It was a bit hard for me to pick up the songs from you as an example, because I really like the whole album. BTW, there is a band’s new album “A Brief Crack Of Light” is coming up this February and it’s already available for pre-order on a CD and a limited edition transparent purple vinyl. I already pre-ordered my copy and looking forward to get it. Meanwhile, lets enjoy the new single from it titled “Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing”.



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