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Testament – Souls Of Black

Souls Of Black was the first Testament’s album for me. For them it was a fourth one already. I got it in 1990, the same year it was released, on a CD, was so excited, even forgot it in a bus on my way home from Tel Aviv… So, actually I bought the album twice on a CD and about 3 months ago I got it on a 180 gram blue vinyl, released in 2011. It comes on a single LP in a beautiful well designed gatefold sleeve, which has the lyrics and the pictures.







Never had the original pressing, so unfortunately I cannot compare the sound of the new vinyl, but for my opinion Back On Black did a great job. I really enjoyed listening to it, especially after a long break, probably since I came to USA 3 .5 years ago I did not listen to the album, but fortunately now I live in California, so I was able to see the band live twice, the third time will be in less than 3 weeks from today, on February 19 in Santa Clara. Can’t wait to attend  the concert, because for me Testament is a part of Big 4 (I do not count Anthrax, do not really like them) and I’m very sorry they were not a part of the event. What do you think?

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