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Joe Dassin – Le Jardin du Luxembourg

Let me take you guys far away, about 35 years ago, to my childhood which lasted in former Soviet Union. Of course, back then I had no idea what the Metal Rock is. One of the singers I listened to was a French American-born Joe Dassin, the son of American film director Jules Dassin, who had moved later to Europe because of his political pro-communist views, which closed for him all Hollywood doors.

Joe Dassin was very popular in USSR, probably not only because of his songs, but also because of his communist father. Despite on his popularity, I remember only 2 mini records released back then with couple of his songs on each one. Even these mini records were not of solid vinyl, they were soft and mono. Only after Joe’s death in 1980, Soviet record company “Melody” released two LPs, one of them was  “Le Jardin du Luxembourg”, which means “The Luxemburg Gardens”, another one was a compilation from several albums. Now I have both of them, but back then it was really hard to find them in stores.

The copy I have now is not of the first presses released in USSR. My copy was made in 1987 in Riga (Latvia). Interesting I knew all the lyrics in French without even understanding them, but even now I still remember them and some words are  familiar to me, because of their similarity with English words. I also was able to get the original French pressing, made in 1976, the year the album was released. So, today I wanted to compare them, in terms of sound. I was not surprised, that Soviet copy sounds worse than the original one, but not in significant way. In a design aspect I definitely like the French release more. It comes on a single vinyl as a Soviet one, but in a smooth gatefold sleeve.

Illustrations are almost the same, but on a Soviet copy they are smaller, because of the sleeve size and also because it has Dassin’s biography. French vinyl also looks better because of colorful center logo.

In these days, I almost do not touch these records, because this is really not my style of music, but I had a nice time capturing couple of songs for the sound comparison, it brought me old memories, I even remember that my parents got somehow this album for me, on a first released pressing. I took it to my grand parents, because I was living there for some time, and when the time came to go back home, I found this LP broken… Till know this is a mystery for me, how the hell that happened. May be, because back then I did not sore records standing but in a heap. Anyway, that was the only case in my life I broke the vinyl record.








Funny, I’m a completely different person now, but somehow everything I went through in my life is stored and can be taken out for reviving the good and sometimes bad. Tonight it was good…

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  • Roman Begelfer February 9, 2012, 7:26 am

    Very touching…keep up with these nostalgic stories…

  • iGal February 9, 2012, 8:24 am

    Mon chanteur favori… J’adore ! Merci pour le partage 😉

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