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Therapy? – A Brief Crack Of Light

As I mentioned here couple of weeks ago, there is a new Therapy?’s album coming out, so yesterday I got it. Yep, Amazon folks work pretty fast. When I started to listen, I thought that the recording is far from being perfect, sound is kind of blur and a bit distorted. But this feeling is gone after two first songs. The thirteenth studio album released on February 6, is great as the earliest works and definitely deserves respect and attention. BTW, it got very high scores in Europe.

The album comes on a single 180 gram transparent purple limited edition LP and contains 10 tracks. I already listed to side A and really enjoyed the instrumental “Marlow”:

Now, I’m on the side B. For some reason, it sounds much better than A. The album was recorded in two separate sessions, so conceivably  that’s the reason of the difference. Very liked “Ghost Trio”  and “Why Turbulence?”, but in terms of music and lyrics my favorite would be “Ecclesiastes”.

“Everything under the sun is absurd…”, sometimes this is really how it looks like.

Well designed smooth sleeve in combination with the internal one with lyrics and Nabokov’s quote and great new songs made my day. If you still have not listened to the Therapy?’s latest work, then you’re a bit luckier than I am, because you still have many wonderful moments ahead. You can order the vinyl on the band’s official website.


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