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Metallica – Load

I remember, I bought this album on a CD in 1996, the year it was released. The album sounds very different from the previous Metallica’s albums,  it was obvious that they try themselves as a musicians in other styles, not only in thrash metal. Also for me, this album is divided in two parts, the one I like and the one I like very much. I would divide the album right in the middle, so the second part of it I like the most, because of three tracks: “Thorn Within”, “Ronnie” and “The Outlaw Torn”. From “Thorn Within” we can see the father-son line, how important and how painful it is to Hetfield. He will also continue this line in Reload’s “Fixxxer”.

Today I have the album on a high definition 4 LP set, where each LP is a 180gram vinyl recorded on 45rpm. The set was released in 2010 by Warner Bros. Records Inc. and sounds really good.

The box also includes an insert with tens of pictures and lyrics:

So, all my favorite songs are concentrated on the fourth vinyl:

About two years ago, I purchased the album, actually the half of it, on a special edition promo pictured LP, released in 1997 especially for Europe. Only 200 copies were pressed. It’s a very beautiful 33rpm vinyl and for me it sounds as great as a Warner Bros.’ release. And because of its design, I would prefer to have the whole album released like that. You can see its front side on a main picture of the post, the rear side is below:

I captured four videos, so you could see and listed to the both versions. Please enjoy and let me know which one looks and sounds better for you.

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