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U.D.O. – Mean Machine

The first Metal band for me was Accept, the original lineup with Udo Dirkschneider. After Udo left Accept in 1987 he formed the band U.D.O. where he continues to play in accordance to traditions of classic German Heavy Metal.

The album I’m listening now is their second studio album recorded in 1988 titled “Mean Machine”. The LP I have comes on  12″ 33rpm black vinyl released in 1989. I was lucky to find it brand new on Ebay much later.

The album contains 11 tracks, actually 10 full tracks an one short composition “Still in Love with You”:

  1. “Don’t Look Back”
  2. “Break the Rules”
  3. “We’re History”
  4. “Painted Love”
  5. “Mean Machine”
  6. “Dirty Boys”
  7. “Streets on Fire”
  8. “Lost Passion”
  9. “Sweet Little Child”
  10. “Catch My Fall”
  11. “Still in Love with You”

With all respect to the band, for my opinion, the album is average but reflects the style I grew up on. Tracks such “Break The Rules”, “We’re history”, “Streets on Fire” and “Catch My Fall” make this album valuable for me. It also contains a ballad “Sweet Little Child”, but it sounds really weak for me, I’ve heard much better ballads from Mr. Udo. Unfortunately, the sleeve design is very poor and even contains no lyrics. The internal sleeve only has the RCA label, the American company that made the LP. But the sound is good, you can notice it from the videos. I would give the album a mark 4 of 10, but still I really adore Udo’s voice and appreciate what he’s doing. Till now I remember how he rocked in Tel Aviv in 2006(?), will never forget the great atmosphere band made in a venue.

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