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Great April Releases

This April will be very rich in terms of new good music. There are already several albums coming for sure and I’m waiting for. It’s a great feeling when you wait for something and then you finally get it. I like it, I just do not really like to wait too long, but fortunately we don’t have to.

First of all as I already mentioned here, Rainbow’s album “Long Live Rock’n’Roll” will be released on a beautiful picture vinyl. It should be in stores on a record store day on April 21. It will be limited to 2500, I very hope I will get mine.

After a great success of “Blood of The Nations” in 2010, Accept will please us with a new album “Stalingrad”. The album will be released on April 6 and sounds very promising, as we can hear from the Stalingrad song they released yesterday. That was a first time in my life I enjoyed listening to Soviet hymn.


BTW, the album is already available for pre order on the Nuclear Blast USA shop, there you will be able to find it on a CD. If you would like to have it on vinyl, use the Amazon affiliate link above.

Great news from my favorite British Metal band “Paradise Lost”. They releasing their 13-th studio album “Tragic Idol”. It will be available for Europe on April 23 and on April 24 it will arrive to North America.

The song “Crucify” from the album is already available for the audience. I really liked it and looking forward  for the moment I will listen to the album on my turntable. It’s already available for pre-order here.

Testament brings us “The Dark Roots of Earth” on April 27. I just ordered the “The Formation of Damnation” on a limited edition green vinyl, because I adore this album, hopefully, the upcoming one will be as great as it.

Just got the update, Metallica releases the “Beyond Magnetic” on a silver vinyl. It will be also on a Record Store Day, on April 21. They probably watched the video I posted some time ago and then decided to release these great four songs.

Iron Maiden’s live album “En Vivo!” is coming on April 3 and is already available on Amazon for preorder in different formats. This is a recording of the live performance in Santiago, Chile on 10 April 2011. Here you’ll be able to find the songs list.



So, as you see, April will bring us a lot of great music and it’s really not so far away. Stay tuned on my blog and enjoy the new stuff!

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