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Lacuna Coil – Karmacode

Lacuna Coil, the Italian band that plays Gothic Metal, I discovered almost two weeks ago when they opened a Gigantour. The song “Fragile” was actually the one that “bought” me, that’s why now I’m holding in my hands their fourth studio album “Karmacode” recorded in 2005 and released later in March 2006. BTW, the band’s  singer Cristina Scabbia is the one who sang “À Tout le Monde” with Megadeth when they re-recorded it on the “United Abominations” album. So her voice is not new to me.

At the concert they reminded me a little Paradise Lost. I would say that Cristina brings to their music some kind of Middle Eastern nuance. That’s how I hear it. Funny, I just looked at Wikipedia and see the same note there, so I’m right about it, after almost 20 years living in Israel, I can definitely recognize Middle Eastern style. I must admit, it sounds much more attractive to me in the aggregation with the Metal music.

The album comes on a single black 180gram vinyl in a beautiful smooth gatefold sleeve. The vinyl was manufactured in Germany in 2006.

It contains 13 song where the last one is the cover of Depeche Mode‘s “Enjoy The Silence”, I’m not a fan of that band, so for me the cover sounds much better than the original song.

Besides the “Fragile”, my favorites are “Our Truth” and “Closer”.

I was listening to the Italian music when I was a kid, it was very popular in USSR. I remember, how I adored Adriano Celentano, for example… I will post about it some time in the future. I just wanna say, that I’m really happy to find that there is also a great Metal in Milan, the city I really enjoyed being there. Cheers!

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