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Adriano Celentano – Soli

If we already started to talk about the Italian music, lets continue in that direction. Today I would like to go back to my childhood. As I said here, one of the Italian singers I liked the most was Adriano Celentano.  He’s not only a singer but also a great actor. His movies like Yuppi Du, The Taming of the Scoundrel, High Rollers and Madly In Love still can make me smile if not laugh. Adriano was very popular in Soviet Union and we were able enjoy his music on tape recordings and vinyl records. I have three Adriano’s vinyls released in USSR, I think that’s all they released. Today I would like to talk about the one my mom bought me. It’s not a first one they released, but the first one I had and definitely the most popular.

I’m talking about the album recorded in 1979 titled “Soli”, means “The Only”. For some reason, Soviets did not call this LP by its original name, but released it just as a compilation of songs. But all the album songs are present in the original order. Here is the song list:

  1. Soli
  2. People
  3. Pay, pay, pay
  4. Io e te
  5. Amore no
  6. Non è
  7. Stivali e colbacco
  8. Medley

Some other releases also contain a bonus track “Qua la mano”, but it is missing on the Soviet LP. My favorites are “Soli”, “Pay,pay, pay” and “Non è”. “Soli” song was very famous and could be heard from all around. Music was written by Toto Cutugno, he also sang it by himself, but for my opinion Celentano did it much better.

I don’t know the name of the female singer in “Pay,pay, pay”, but when I was a boy, I though this is the most sexiest voice could ever be. Somehow in my mind I connected this voice with the image of Ornella Muti, who I saw in “The Taming of the Scoundrel” with Celentano. Damn, even now I think she was so pretty…

“Non è” is another song which music is by Cutugno. I like it because of the drums sound and couplets melody.

The eighth composition on the album is the medley. Kind of short compilation of all other seven songs.

All songs are in Italian except of “People”, but I never liked this song. The sleeve design also differs from the original one. Its front has two Adriano’s photos, and the back has the song list, the bio and an image where Celentano stands inside the light beam.

This LP is not exactly the one I had when I was a child, I bought it used much later in Tel Aviv to be a reminder for my past. This particular copy is made in 1985, I remember my mom bought it to me much earlier. Yesterday I listened to it and it reminded me how I was excited about this music when I was a child.

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  • Paolo February 20, 2013, 2:10 pm

    Hi, the female voice in Pay pay pay is from the wife of Celentano. She’s Claudia Mori. Thank you for your blog.

  • Danny February 20, 2013, 8:50 pm

    I’m actually not really sure about that. Claudia’s voice is not so high. But I might be wrong. Thank you for visiting my website, you’re very welcome!

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