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Testament – The Formation Of Damnation

The Formation Of Damnation is the latest Testament’s album (that will be true untill April 27 ) and definitely one of my favorites. I bought it in 2008 on a CD, because the CD was signed by the band members. Three weeks ago I purchased the album on a limited edition green double LP, released in Germany in 2008 by Nuclearblast. It’s a first time now I’m listening to the album the analog way… the sound really blows me away, it’s so natural, it gives me an illusion of being at the live performance.

The album has eleven tracks and I can hardly pick up my favorites. That would  probably be “For the Glory Of…”, “More Than Meets the Eye”, “The Evil Has Landed”, “The Formation of Damnation”, “Henchmen Ride” and “Afterlife”.

“The Evil Has Landed” is a song about September 11, the most terrible day in American history. This is also a reminder that the evil is still around…

The design of the sleeve is awesome. It’s gatefold and smooth, something that is very nice to hold in hands. It has all the lyrics and a band’s picture on the smoked San Francisco background in the fire frame.

The record also comes with the beautiful insert and a Testament’s patch for jacket or bag, whatever, with the album logo.

After listening to the record, I doubt if I was really familiar with the album. It sounds really different on a vinyl, looks like it fully opens for us the gates to the music, because on a CD the gates were covered…

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