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Scorpions – Blackout

This morning I purchased the tickets to the final tour of Scorpions. They will perform with Tesla in Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA on June 09.  I’m glad they can’t stop rocking and they give me one more opportunity to see a great band (even two) one more time. That would be a third time I’m gonna see them live. The first time was in Tel Aviv several years ago, then I saw them in Concord in 2010. Buying a ticket I realized I did not listen to them too long at home, so tonight I’m listening to my favorite album Blackout, released in 1982.

This is the album where I like all the songs and believe me I’ve listened to them hundreds of times. For me the whole album is really like a stream of metal happiness, starting rocking from “Blackout” and “Can’t Live Without You…

…A little resting at “No One Like You” and “You Give Me All I Need”…

…Then rolling all over around with “Now!” and exploiting  at “Dynamite”.

Through the awesome “Arizona” it’s finally coming to my favorite track “China White”.

And finalizing the album with ballad “When The Smoke Is Going Down”.

The record I have is the original one, released in Germany in 1982. It still looks and sounds like new, you could probably notice that from the videos I post.

The internal sleeve has a big black and white band’s picture while they’re on stage, and all lyrics on the other side.

I really enjoy the listening to their old stuff,I grew up on it and it’s an integrated part of my life. Good old Metal will never die!

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