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Megadeth – Countdown To Extinction

Countdown To Extinction is one of my favorite Megadeth’s album. Yeah, I know… kind of hard for me to choose a favorite album of this band, but this one is definitely on the list. This is their fifth album, it was released in 1992, back then I was at the beginning of my army years, so it gave me exactly what I was looking for: heavy and melodic thrash, a military and political criticism and it really sucked out all anger I had toward the reality.

I like this album because of the honesty of lyrics (can Dave be not honest?), non-ordinary arrangements, a guitar solo of “Countdown To Extinction” and a “Psychotron” song which really blows me away.

This time I’m very pleased of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab’s work. The vinyl sounds not bad at all, not like this one and its design is also at the high level. It’s a special limited edition double LP released in 2007, comes in a smooth and colorful gatefold sleeve, which is really beautiful and nice to to hold.

Inside the sleeve there are all lyrics, band’s pictures and the thanks section.

One more reason this vinyl record is valuable for me is the fact it’s a present from my friend who came from Israel to visit me in California. Thank you, I very appreciate it. We found it in Streetlight Records store in San Jose.

The album contains eleven songs, but the vinyl has also a bonus track “Crown Of Worms”. My favorites are… well, that’s really  challenged…”Skin o’ My Teeth” ( BTW, that was an intro song Megadeth performed on Metal festival in Israel, when I saw them for the first time), “Symphony of Destruction“, “Foreclosure of a Dream“, “Sweating Bullets“, This Was My Life”, “Countdown to Extinction” and “Psychotron”.

I consider this album as a breakthrough in Megadeth’s creativity. This is the music which definitely occupied me till the end of my days.

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