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Paradise Lost – Shades Of God

The third studio album Shades Of God from my favorite British Metal band Paradise Lost was the fist album of them I’ve heard. The year it was released, in 1992 I was on the way to my friend’s birthday. I remember as it was yesterday, he asked me to buy him some CD as a present, but he did not mention exactly what he wanted. I came to the music store and asked for something new and fresh, so I got this album. We’ve listened to it together and the next day I bought one more for me. That way I became a fan of the band and till now they continue to make me feel great with their music.

The vinyl I have is a new release and unfortunately is incomplete. Originally, the album has nine songs, the LP record I bought has only eight. One of my favorite songs “As I Die” is missing. Damn, I did not pay attention to that fact when I ordered it.

It is a 180-gram black vinyl record comes in a smooth beautiful sleeve.

The internal sleeve has all the lyrics, band’s black and white picture, list of the equipment they use and a thanks section.

The vinyl has remarkable album logos on it.

Overall, I’m very pleased of the sound and enjoyed listening to the album the analog way, it’s a first time I’m listening to the record. This is definitely one of my favorite albums and I can’t wait to get the new Tragic Idol and put it on my turntable. So, stay tuned, the April is coming soon!

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