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Dio – Dream Evil

The fourth Dio’s album “Dream Evil” released in 1987 is definitely one of my favorites. I have it on the original 12″ vinyl LP, made in Holland in the same year. Of course I did not buy it new, because in 1987 I was still living in Soviet Union, so I got it about 10 years later, but still in a good shape. Before that, I had it on a CD. I very hope that sometime Niji will re-release it on a picture vinyl, like they did with Holy Diver, for example. That would be very great, I really like the album design. But meanwhile, that’s all I have, the old record that still sounds great and makes me happy.

Awesome external sleeve design is combined with poor internal sleeve, which for some reason has only one lyric “All The Fools Sailed Away”.

This is a last album with Vinny Appice until his return to the band in 1994. I still remember the great evening in 2010 when Vinny performed in San Jose, CA. It was a drum clinic where he showed some techniques, told many stories from his musical life, shared his memories about Ronnie and the band.  It was very nice of him to stay after the performance in order to sign his pictures and to make photos with fans. This is mine, y the way:

As all you know from my previous posts, I’m a big Dio’s fan. Unfortunately, I was able to see him live only once in 2005, but this time is unforgettable. I keep that memory in my heart and every time I hear his voice, those memories coming out and make my day. It’s been almost two years since Ronnie died, but he still kicks ass!


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