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Smokie – Greatest Hits

One of the first western Rock’n’Roll bands which became very popular in Soviet Union was Smokie. I think, that their LP was released there even prior Beatles and Stones. Being a child I very liked them, I still kind of like them, I’m just not familiar with their repertory out of this record. And the record we’re talking about is the compilation of the greatest hits. The Soviet vinyl even does not have any title, but somewhere at the end of nineteens I was able to find exactly the same record, but released in Israel and its design matches the original release.

For the very first time I heard Smokie when Soviets released the record contained the mix of popular foreign music. One of the songs there, I even remember it was the last one on side A, was “I’ll Meet You At Midnight”. I think this was one of three-four songs I liked from that vinyl, the rest sounded to me like a crap.

Lets go back to the greatest hits. On both LPs songs are at the same order. Israeli vinyl sounds a bit better for my ear, you can compare the sound watching the videos, also the logo is more attractive, than on a Soviet one.

The front side of the Soviet sleeve I like much more, than the Israeli and the original, because of the big colored band’s picture (look at the main post photo), this one is the original design:

The rear side of the Soviet sleeve has a song list and a biography, while the Israeli one has the song list and four little black and white photos of each band’s member:

I like the way how sound together acoustic guitars with a bass and drums in addition to hoarse voice of Chris Norman.

The compilation is finalized with a great ballad “Wild Wild Angels”. If I would be a musician, I would rearrange this composition to make it a Metal one. But even the way it is I really enjoy it.

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