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Metallica – Beyond Magnetic (Limited Edition Silver Vinyl)

Happy record store day! Finally it arrived and I’m able to hold in my hands the EP from Metallica boys titled Beyond Magnetic. It has four songs, which were recorded between  2007 and 2008 during the Death Magnetic session, but the band introduced them only in December 2011 when they celebrated their 30-th anniversary.

The celebration lasted four evenings, so each evening they sang one new song from this EP. As you all probably know, I attended the last eve, so I was able to listen to “Rebel Of Babylon” live. Here is the full track list and I really like them all:

1. Hate Train

2. Just a Bullet Away

This song at some point reminded me a little the “Master of Puppets” , but really just a little at the moment of the slow solo, right after the silent break…where the silence is so loud.

3. Hell and Back

4. Rebel of Babylon

Black smooth sleeve has a “Beyond Magnetic” logo on its front side and on the other side there is a band’s black and white picture, songs list and credentials:

The EP comes on a 33rpm silver vinyl. Two central logo titles “Metallica” and “Beyond Magnetic” are printed in a big font, so actually both sides share them:

Also, you get a nice sticker, that looks like a small copy of the record. It’s already on my bumper:

I wish we will here more good new stuff from Metallica, they still have the energy, the passion and the potential. This vinyl is a great present for all people who like Metal and like it to hear in a real analog handling.

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  • Abigail59 July 20, 2012, 12:46 am

    I really like the packaging and the vinyl itself, but I don’t like the tracks. even if they sound like Death Magnetic stuff, I don’t know, nothing catchy here. Great blog anyway ! Cheers

  • Danny July 20, 2012, 7:08 am

    I really like two songs from there: “Just a Bullet Away” (I like the solo here, reminds me Master a little) and “Hell and Back”. Thanks for reading my post.

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