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Rainbow – Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Limited edition picture LP)

One more awesome work from Niji Entertainment Group has been added to my collection. One of the greatest classic Rock ‘n’ Roll albums by British rock band Rainbow has been released on a  limited edition picture vinyl LP. The album was titled after its first song “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” and was initially released in 1978. It is the last band’s studio work with Ronnie James Dio as a lead vocals.

The album has eight tracks with four on each side of the vinyl:

1. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

Here you can also hear how this song sounds on a Soviet record.

2. Lady of the Lake

3. L.A. Connection

4. Gates of Babylon

5. Kill the King (For me, this the best song on the album, love it)

6. The Shed (Subtle)

7. Sensitive to Light

8. Rainbow Eyes – The great ballad that finalizes the album.

The vinyl is very beautiful, and has an awesome sound. Only 2,500 were made. Every vinyl has its own unique number, mine is 88. It comes in a transparent sleeve, which has a sticker with the short record overview and a small sticker with a serial number.

Unfortunately, Ronnie did not live enough. He would be very glad to see all the record which  Niji released after his death, and hopefully there are more coming. For me it’s a history, it’s much more than a great music and more than a great sound. For me it’s a memory of the great times and wonderful people. For me it’s another prove that Rock and Roll is still here, is still alive and is a part of me. Long live Rock and Roll!!!

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