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Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol

The first thing I said when I opened the package was: “Damn, why the hell the record is not sealed as  a new one supposed to be?!”, but when I looked inside the gatefold sleeve I saw the reason why it came like that, it was fully signed! Do you realize?! I love Paradise Lost for twenty years, and finally I have the vinyl with the signatures of all band members, right above their photo! That’s awesome, and I’m already full of all kind of positive emotions without listening to it yet. Of course, I’m familiar with almost all new songs, I’m just saying I have not listen to LP yet and I’m gonna fix it right now, with you.

Tragic Idol LP released by Century Media Records, has ten tracks, with five on each side of the record: Solitary One, Crucify, Fear of Impending Hell, Honesty in Death, Theories from Another World, In This We Dwell, To the Darkness, Tragic Idol, Worth Fighting For, The Glorious End.

I do not like to define parallels in a music, but I would definitely say the band really came back to its roots, only with more power and with great melody arrangements, as they always have. It’s a true Gothic and Doom Metal as we know and like.

The record is made in Germany and that fact as always points on a high sound quality, you can notice that from the videos. The sleeve design is also awesome and has all the lyrics, band’s picture, and extremely touchy artwork. In my case it also has the signatures:


The 180 gram vinyl is black. The following pictures show you how the central labels look like on the both sides of the LP:

I honestly liked the whole album. Of course, some songs I liked more than others, but I have very positive impressions about this work. My very favorite song here is “In This We Dwell”. Hope, “Paradise Lost” will announce the US tour and I will be able to see them here in California, because it’s really been too long since I saw them last time on In Requiem tour in 2007 in Tel Aviv.

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  • Andrew December 23, 2012, 10:52 am

    Hi, do you have distortion in the last songs on both sides? My TT is well set and I don’t have inner groove distortion generally but for this LP, my copy gradually worsens soundwise towards the end. Since my favourite track, Theories From Another World is the last song of Side A, I want to murder my vinyl because of the ultra muddy sound.

  • Danny December 23, 2012, 11:30 am

    Hi.Nope… My copy is OK, no distortion noticed.

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