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Alisa – Energy

I’m becoming more and more excited about my upcoming short trip to Russia in June. Of course I’m, because I’m gonna visit the place where I was born and grew up, I’m gonna meet my childhood friends and my classmates. I’m gonna visit Saint Petersburg, the place where I started my Rock ‘n’ Roll life. I have not been there for last 22 years, this place has changed, people and a life style have changed, I am different now…, that’s why I can’t wait to be there and see it from my current attitude.

The more I think about this trip, the more memories rise in my mind, and the major reminders are the records I brought from there. One of them is the first LP of the Soviet/Russian rock band Alisa (Алиса) released by the Soviet record company Melody (Мелодия). The album is titled “Energy” (Энергия) and is the band’s second studio album. It is also a first album with Konstantin Kinchev (Константин Кинчев) on lead vocal. The album was recorded in Leningrad Rock Club  in 1985-1986.

I truly like this album, this is a one of the great examples of Russian Rock era, the powerful wave which quaked the country and whole generation. I saw Alisa live several times and I definitely can say that their performances were at much higher level than other bands. They were not only singing, but also were kicking the audience ass by their constant protestor attitude and sharp replicas from the stage toward regime and militia.

This record was issued in 1988 , so it’s 24 years old, I bought it brand new. It’s not in a perfect condition, but still gives a great sound. This vinyl traveled with me thousands miles all over the world and is still rockin’.

The album has 10 songs, 6 on the side A of the record, and 4 on another one. I adore almost all of them, so it was really hard for me not to upload them. I skipped only the first song “We Are Together” (“Мы вместе”) and the last one “Energy” (“Энергия”), they never talked to me and never will.

“The Wave” (“Волна”) is exactly the wave we’re talking about here.

“Melomaniac” (“Меломан”) is the song about a guy and his musical interests evolution. From Beatles, through punk rock and new wave, then comes a hard rock… Then the guy starts to sing his own songs, finally. You might hear a lot of band names it that song, but you have to listen carefully, Kinchev sings very fast.

A funny song “Bad Rock ‘n’ Roll” (“Плохой рок-н-ролл”) is about someone who listens to it everywhere, in a school and even is willing to listen in a nuclear blast shell hole.

Then comes “Doctor Boogie” (“Доктор Буги”). The song about the rocking subculture.

“My Generation” (“Моё поколение”) is a song about the generation I belong to and its constant struggle with a regime we had back then. It was very hard to self express ourselves.

Then goes a song “Experimenter” (“Экспериментатор”). For my opinion, it’s about nothing, but I very like the arrangement.

“Come To Me” (“Ко мне”) is probably my favorite here. I know, they tried to play it in a heavier manner on the live shows, but if I were a musician, I would make it a real Metal song for sure.

And finally comes a funny song “Juice Squeezer” (“Соковыжиматель”). Its lyrics remind me Back Sabbath’s song of the same name. This song was even introduced in the Soviet detective movie “Cross the Line” (“Переступить черту“).

Hope, you enjoyed the listening to the record as I did again, capturing it for the post. This will give you a clear understanding, how awesome the Russian Rock was back then. As I mentioned at the beginning,  time changed all of us, so it also changed Alisa and Kinchev, but this Rock’ n ‘Roll is still alive.

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