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Nuclear Blast Records dedicated…

I’ve sent the following letter to Nuclear Blast Records about 4 times and did not get any response…

Dear Nuclearblast representative,

My name is Danny and I am the owner of Vinyl Blog. The main idea of the blog is to talk about vinyl records. There I post the articles about the records I have in my collection, so that is something I really like, that’s why the reviews mostly have a positive attitude.
The same way I posted a review about recently released vinyl of the new Accept’s album Stalingrad.
The article clearly shows how great is the work done by the band and by Nuclear Blast, it has the pictures of the sleeve and of the color LP. Reading the article, potential buyer will be attracted even more. The additional way I use to demonstrate the greatness of the record is to post several videos on YouTube, so the people will be able to appreciate the sound of the record.
I do not make any profit posting the videos and in most cases it works as a free addvertisement of the product.
Recently, I received a message from YouTube says my three videos of the Stalingrad record have a copyright problem and were removed.
These videos are significantly different of others, which just shows the picture and play the music. The purpose of my videos is to show all details of the sleeve design, the record and its sound. To be honest, I have no idea what is the better way to show the potential buyer the product in work, in that case is the record played on a turntable.
I would very appreciate if you could reconsider your claim and to make me able to return the videos and to repair the status of my channel.
I would like you to believe I had no intentions to do any harm to your company posting these videos.



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