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Metallica at Outside Lands Music and Art Festival 2012 in San Francisco

I planned to see Metallica at Outside Lands Music and Art Festival in San Francisco long time ago, but could not imagine I’m gonna see them so close from snake pit section. That was a total surprise for me, thanks to my lovely wife who won the snake pit passes.

At 11am we already were waiting for the passes near the box office in Golden Gate park, but the passes arrived around 1pm. After we received them, we went to the venue. To be honest, we were not familiar with any band performing that day, except of The Kills, so we started to hang out waiting for the evening. The venue was full of small and big pavilions opened by companies from different industries; small shops selling all kind of stuff like cloths, toys, food, drinks and services.

Finally, we approached to the snake pit. This was a relatively small area right in front the main stage, surrounded by staging boards. On the boards there were installed three additional microphones heading to every direction. Each microphone was accompanied with a computer monitor which was displaying lyrics hints for every song Metallica played. That actually surprised me a little, because I do not need any hints to sing them.

Metallica performed for about 2 hours, starting from “Hit The Lights” and resuming with “Seek and Destroy” as they usually do. The sound was awesome, as well as band’s interaction with the audience. Pyrotechnics and fireworks also were in place, so the whole concert provided a feeling of great celebration.  Metallica folks were running all around us, so I could hardly stand not to film them. Fortunately, filming was not allowed there. I say fortunately, because otherwise I would see the whole concert from the camcorder lenses.  In my case, I was able to compile a 40 minutes movie and also to fully enjoy the show.

I know, the video can not provide the same feeling as the live performance, but still I very hope you will be pleased to watch it. Enjoy!

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