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Eric Peterson’s workshop at Guitar Center in San Francisco, CA. Aug-22-2012

I just came back from San Francisco. I really wanted to be there tonight and fortunately I was able to make it. I left my work earlier, went home to grab my son and we headed to Eric Peterson’s workshop at Guitar Center.

During almost an hour, Eric played several songs from the new Testament’s album  “Dark Roots of Earth”, answered the questions and showed some guitar tricks and techniques. I was really surprised the store was not full of Testament fans. There were about 30 people in the audience, so we were able to sit very close and to see everything.

Eric talked about his musical influences, the song writing process, about how and when he started to play guitar. Personally I did not know that “The Legacy” from “Souls of Black” is actually the first composition he ever wrote in his life.

Then, we all had a chance to approach Eric and to have him signed some stuff. I brought from home the Dark Roots LP, so now it’s even more valuable for me, because I have Eric’s signature on it.

He also signed posters of him and gave them to everybody.

I made a short video, where you can watch and listen Eric plays “Native Blood” and signs my vinyl. I very appreciate my son’s help who kindly agreed to capture my approach to Eric. Hope you guys will enjoy this short clip. Cheers!


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