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Gullivers of Rock in a Lilliput venue

San Francisco, CA. Last Friday was a very special day for me. First of all, I’ve been to the concert of one of my favorite Metal bands Paradise Lost. I have not seen them since 2007. More than this, I got a permission from Century Media to interview the band. In addition, I also had a chance to interview a very talented Canadian musician Devin Townsend, who was performing the same evening as well as Sweden Metal band Katatonia.

This was my very first experience as an interviewer, so you can imagine my feelings. If I’d say I was nervous, it’s like I’d say nothing. I was preparing myself during the whole week. I even hired a teenager who has a video shooting experience, to help me with the video. I very appreciate his help.

First interview was scheduled for 4:40pm, second one was scheduled for 4:50.  I only had 10 minutes for each one. We arrived to San Francisco prior the scheduled time. I parked my truck very close to the Great American Music Hall, took the equipment and approached the venue. My first impression was how small the venue is relatively to the names performing there this night, but later I found out that the sound was very good, so the engineers did a great job.

Approximately at 3pm I already started the conversation with Devin. He was very nice to us and after I told him this is my first interview ever, he told me to relax and said everything’s gonna be alright. He was very supportive and cooperative with me, so I felt very comfortable talking to him.

The most important thing I’ve learned during this interview is that all the questions must be ready in your mind, they are completely useless printed on the list. Of course, I was trying to read them, but I stopped doing that after the first 3 questions, because found it completely impossible. In the future I used them as hints only. Take a look how it went:

After the interview Devin even offered me to take a picture together.

San Francisco, CAI thanked Devin for everything, wished him a great gig and approached to the next room reserved for Paradise Lost. Probably, because we came prior the scheduled time, there was not a whole band in the room. There was only Greg Mackintosh and Steve Edmondson. Greg said hello to us and went somewhere out, Steve stayed to talk. I think, the conversation with Steve went smoother because I barely tried to read the questions, I already had them in my head. Check it out:

After the interview, Greg came back and we took a picture together. I brought with me a vinyl release of The Anatomy of Melancholy and they both signed it for me.

Then we packed the equipment and had to get out of the venue in order in not to disturb the band to rehearse. I became really hungry, that’s what the stress did to me, so I took my operator for the lunch and then we came back to the venue to join the concert as an audience.


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