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9/11 – Foreclosure of the dream

I was always dreaming about becoming an American. I remember it started when I was a child going to a regular Soviet school in Leningrad. At the times of the Cold War, there was a huge poster above the school entrance, says “The US imperialism is the enemy of entire humanity”. Back then I did not know much about the US imperialism, but I already had some background on what was going on in USSR, so by looking at this poster every day, USA just attracted me more and more.

Later, when I became a teenager, I already was thinking about the immigration. May be not about the actual immigration process, I was too young for that, but I was pretty sure I want to spend my future life in America. At the end of the eighties many friends of my parents left USSR. My family started the process only when I was assigned to the navy forces of Soviet army, which was very undesirable for me, and we basically could not wait anymore, because if we would wait for one more year, they would not let me get out of the country until I complete my service.

At the end of 1989, I think, America closed the gates. It’s a different story why that happened and not related to the topic, so on April 22 1990, which was Lenin’s birthday BTW, we left Leningrad heading to Israel. At the beginning I was very upset that my American dream did not come true, but very soon Israel became my homeland, and I started to think less of America not because I did not want it anymore, but probably because I did not have much time to think about it. Though even then, New Your City remained a most attractive place for me and I really wanted to visit it.

After some time, the NY dream started to fill me up more and more. I was observing the internet, collecting the pictures of the City, watching them for hours, learning them… I even think I spent time with NY photos more than any teenager spends with erotic ones. I was so familiar with Manhattan streets and buildings just as I was living there for years. BTW, when I came to NY for the first time, that exactly what I felt –  I just felt at home. But this was much later, after the evil has arrived… I was breathing that place and especially the World Trade Center Twins skyscrapers. Don’t know why, but these buildings were completely blowing me away. I was imagining myself standing there on the top and looking around… Being in New York…

After the divorce, I was in a deep depression and at some point I told myself I have to do something to make me feel happier. And the first thing I wanted to do was to fly to America for the first time in my life! I remember that day very clearly, like it was yesterday. I came to work and first thing I did was giving a call to my travel agent. I asked her to help me find tickets to USA and organize my trip. She said, she’ll call me back soon. This was early morning September 11 2001…

I’m American now. My American dream almost came  true. I say almost, because I never saw New York I was dreaming of, I never saw Twins. But this is nothing comparing to the loss of thousands innocent lives…

Here is the song of my favorite Metal band Testament, which talks right about the Day. The evil has landed

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  • Luiz January 29, 2014, 1:26 pm

    wow man, that’s such a interesting story! Loved it!
    What are the odds huh ? haha

    Cheers from Brazil!

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