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Finally, two kings of German Metal will perform in USA –  Accept and Kreator! Vinyl Blog will interview Accept in San Francisco on September 25. Stay tuned! Don’t miss this awesome event! Tickets are available here.

Germany has always stood for innovation and invention. Be it a computer, jeans, toothpaste, a book, an x-ray machine or the MP3, all these products were invented right here in Germany. Then there is “Good Old Germany”, the land of renowned poets and thinkers like Schiller, Goethe, Brecht, Marx and Nietzsche, or such celebrated composers as Beethoven, Liestz or Bach. Today, European Union statistics point to more than 300,000 German authors and musicians who regularly publish their works – an astonishing number. But only a few manage to overcome the staggering odds and succeed on an international level.

The hard and heavy sounds of Germany’s ACCEPT and KREATOR, two of the very few “Made in Germany” stars who have reached that elusive international fame and forture. The origin of the word “Heavy Metal” has been argued for decades…. Was it Steppenwolf who used the term in their classic hit “Born to be Wild”…. Was it author William S. Burroughs who speaks of it in his book “The Soft Machine” (“And the insect people of Minraud with metal music”), or… was it simply the fact that Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath both had their humble origins in the steel city of Birmingham?We should leave it to the experts continue these endless arguments, so let’s get to the point! Fact is that Germany has been part of the “Heavy Metal Nations” inner circle for over 30 years. Germany’s innovators and flagship artists of this movement are ACCEPT and KREATOR.The two acts have comparable histories but are musically very remote from each other. ACCEPT embody the classic heavy metal sound. KREATOR belong to the inventors of thrash metal. At the same time, the bands do share numerous similarities.Both appeared on the metal scene out of the same general region of Germany; KREATOR formed in Essen and ACCEPT in the greater area of Wuppertal, the bastion of Germany’s steel production. Each bands fashioned a sound that shaped and influenced entire generations of followers. Both have succeeded in keeping their music and artistry relevant around the world over several decades. Both represent proud trademarks of “Heavy Metal Made In Germany” and both share many celebrated successes – yesterday and today.What can be more fitting and exciting now than for these to German legends to join forces and assail the world’s heavy metal stages together with a united, co-headlining tour? Yes, this dream has now become reality: September 2012 will mark the start in the United Sates of the Teutonic Terror Attack 2012, a new milestone in the lengthy history of heavy metal.

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