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4ARM – Submission For Liberty

4ARm Submission for Liberty CD
I really thought that the list of my favorites bands is pretty stable, but now I know I was wrong. And it’s really cool to admit that. I’m adding one more band to that list, the Thrash Metal folks from Australia – 4ARM.  Never heard of them before the Dark Roots of Thrash tour. I was there at the very first eve on January 30, eight days ago. There I heard them for the very first time and liked them so much.

This band was formed in 2004 and in 2005 they released their debut album titled “13 Scars”.

During this tour, 4ARM shares the stage with Testament, Overkill and Flotsam and Jetsam. They totally blew my mind with their performance. I was not able to remember all the song titles they announced at the concert, but coming back home I started to dig the YouTube found some of them. Especially liked the Submission for Liberty, the track from their latest same titled album released in 2012.

Actually, I think these guys took a bit from Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Pantera and compiled it into the great and powerful Thrash Metal, sharp sounded, aggressive, heavy and melodic as we all like.

Day after the concert, I started to search for 4ARM vinyl records, but unfortunately was not able to find any, so I had to buy a CD. I purchased the latest album and also wanted to buy the previous one “The Empires of Death”, but the only CD I found for sale on Ebay costs about $25 plus $8 shipping from Australia, so I decided to wait, because that would be too much for a CD.

4ARM Submission for Liberty CD

Two days ago I got my order and listen only to that CD on my way to work and back home. Really enjoy it, especially the following tracks: “While I Lie Awake”, “The Oppressed”, “I Will Not Bow” and “My Fathers Eyes”. Indeed, they made the amazing stuff which makes me feel awesome.

From the previous album I liked the first track “Carnal”:

The CD insert has all the lyrics and looks very nice, but not as the vinyl could look like.

4ARM Submission for Liberty CD 4ARM Submission for Liberty CD


Very hope, they will release their albums on a vinyl some day, but till then I really recommend you to check that band out. Believe me, you will not stay disappointed.

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