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When your tonearm’s skipping…

Original tonearmInteresting issue I recently found with my new Music Hall MMF-7.1 turntable. Despite the fact I have it for about two months already, I had a chance to fully listen to it only two weeks ago when I stayed sick at home and did not go to work. I was laying on my sofa listening to one of my new LPs and suddenly noticed that the needle began to skip. That started on a last track of the record side.

When I approached the turntable and very carefully lifted its dust cover, the tonearm started to skip even more frequent. When the cover was completely up, skipping stopped. After carefully observing the tonearm, I was able to find, that when it approaches the end of the record side, the counterweight touches the dust cover.

Initially I thought, I did not calibrate correctly the counterweight, but after performing the balancing procedure two more times, I became confident, it’s impossible to do so it will not touch the cover.
Next day I contacted the seller and received a prompt confirmation from the sales manager, that the reason for the issue is the wrong counterweight provided by manufacturer. He immediately contacted them and asked them to send me a correct part.

The new  counterweight has arrived three days ago. Visually it looks thinner than the original one. The new one is much heavier.

 both counterweightsI tried to install it and was not able to do it properly, because of its heavy weight. No matter what I did, the cartridge always stays up.

new counterweight This morning have contacted Mr. Leland Leard, he is a VP sales and marketing person at Music Hall, and explained him my situation. Hope, he will be able to resolve the issue fast. If not, I will probably consider returning the turntable.

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  • Matt May 3, 2013, 5:05 pm

    You should return it. Send it back and get the VPI Traveler instead. Same price, WAY better table.

  • Danny May 3, 2013, 10:24 pm

    Too late… But I finally got the correct one and I really enjoy the table now.

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