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Testament Meet and Greet on a Record Store Day

Testament  EP Side ALast Record Store Day was pretty busy for me because of my daughter’s birthday party, so unfortunately I was not able to get a Dio Magica picture vinyl, which was released with 500 copies only. Actually, I tried to. I came to the Streetlight Records in San Jose, but that was probably too late. There was already a huge line and they had only one copy there. My chances to get it were too small and I also was hurry to the party, so I had to leave.

Dio Magicastreetlight records San Jose, CAAfter we done celebrating,  I took my son with his girlfriend and we headed to Rasputin Music Store in Berkeley, to meet Testament folks Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson and Greg Christian, to buy their new 7″ picture EP with cover songs released with Dark Roots of Earth and to sign it.

The Meet and Greet started at 4pm, but we arrived about 40 minutes before. I purchased the EP which looks fantastic. It contains only too songs: Animal Magnetism (originally by Scorpions) and Powerslave (originally by Iron Maiden). My Dark Roots of Earth LP also has Dragon Attack (originally by Queen).

Testament EP Side B

When the band arrived to the store, everything went pretty fast. Everybody had a chance to sign what they had and to take a picture. I brought all Testament LPs I have. They signed them all.

Testament signing...

Me with Testament

You’re welcome to watch a short clip I prepared. This will give you a clear impression on how great was that to meet the band.


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