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Megadeth – Super Collider Deluxe Vinyl Set

Only two years past since Megadeth released their Th1rt3en, and we already have another monster titled Super Collider. This is the fourteenth album of the band released in the beginning of June 2013. I just received a deluxe edition vinyl set about 5 days ago. I purchased it from some guy in UK and he delivered it to me extremely fast.

The set includes a 7″ orange bonus record with two singles “All I Want” and “A House Divided”, which I liked much more. This bonus record is 45 rpm, by the way.

megadeth-super-collider-deluxe-edition-label-03Also, this edition comes with a beautiful booklet and a voucher to download MP3 version of the album.

megadeth-super-collider-deluxe-edition-booklet-01megadeth-super-collider-deluxe-edition-booklet-02The album itself comes on a black 180 gram vinyl, recorded on 33 rpm.


Overall, I found the album very interesting in terms of arrangements and mixing, but not as heavy and lyrically sharp as Megadeth used to make. The album contains 11 songs (without the bonuses).



The last track of the album is a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat”.

One time listening is definitely not enough to evaluate the work adequately, but my initial impression is positive. In the little video below I’m demonstrating the set and the sound of both records. Let me know what you think.

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