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Metallica: Through The Never movie

Metallica Through the never in San Rafael, CA
I could not miss the opportunity to join the band on Metallica Trough The Never movie premier last week in San Rafael, CA. First of all, I have to admit – this was a first time I watched 3D movie from beginning till its end and did not feel like my eyes are tired or something like that. I was totally into it – into the music and into the action. On my way home I was analyzing what I’ve just watched and was not able to find any epithets. Was that a 3D concert recording  with some action elements – no! Was that just an action musical – wrong again! So what was that?

I would say, that work is a colossal wave of passion, courage, inner pain and devotion. This wave crashes down on you and grasps you inside  the ocean of uncertainty right through the never. All this is leaded by amazing experience of seeing Metallica on stage the way you probably never saw them before.

Did I see all the songs I would love to see there? – probably not. I would also like to see one of the “Unforgivens” there, most likely the third one.  Do all the songs in the movie really connected to it? – I would say, almost yes. I say almost, because for my opinion “Wherever I May Roam”  does not entirely belong there. But… it was not fully played, only its introduction, so I think that was done for the reason.

I really liked the honesty of the movie. The live part of it is not “polished” to show us only good things, if you understand what I mean.  It shows also some small details, like microphone failure, for example, which make the watching experience much more closer to real time streaming. Nimród Antal did a great job from that perspective. And of course I have to appreciate the speechless Trip’s character of Dane DeHaan. This is not an easy role, when all you have for expression is mostly your face.

The movie has 16 tracks and the CD version of soundtrack is already on sale here.  The vinyl will be also released later in October, I think.

This week the movie will hit the theaters in many places of the world.  Lars and James will keep introducing their work on Thursday and Friday in some theaters here in California. It’s very interesting for me to hear from you your impressions. Enjoy the movie and keep me posted.


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