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Motörhead – Aftershock (2013)

Motörhead Aftershock vinyl record LP front

Aftershock from Motörhead is probably the most anticipated release of 2013. I think, for the last two months we hear about it almost on a daily basis. At least, my Facebook feeds page is full of its promotions. I received the record yesterday, but already was familiar with some songs like “Heartbreaker” and “Queen Of The Damned”. Fortunately, yesterday I was not at work, so right after receiving the record, I was able to listen to it.

First of all, I was a bit upset when I unsealed the sleeve, because the internal sleeve was damaged by the sharp edge of the vinyl. That happens pretty often during transportation. Maybe that fact ruined a bit my positive attitude I had, and gave me an impression, that Aftershock is actually not a better album than “The Wörld Is Yours” released 3 years ago, which I liked so much. Of course, Aftershock has many great tracks as well, but overall, as an album, I would give it a bit lower grade. From the first listening, I really liked the following songs: “Coup De Grace”, “Lost Woman Blues”, “Death Machine”, “Silence When You Speak To Me”, “Knife” and “Paralyzed”.

The album has 14 tracks and comes on a single 12″ 180 gram black vinyl recorded on 33 rpm. Each side has 7 tracks. The record comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, which has a big colorful picture of the band on its inner part. I’m not a “big fan” of Lemmy’s passion toward German military regalia, that’s why I don’t like pictures where Lemmy wears the damn nazi hat.

Motörhead Aftershock vinyl record LP back

Motörhead Aftershock vinyl record LP gatefold

The record itself has a nice central logo:

Motörhead Aftershock vinyl record LP central logo

Modest internal sleeve has lyrics, credentials and some greets:

Motörhead Aftershock vinyl record LP internal sleeve lyricsMotörhead Aftershock vinyl record LP internal sleeve 1

You can see and hear the record on the short video below:

I definitely, have to listen to it again ASAP. It’s a very interesting work, there is no doubt on it. May be I just need to abstract myself from”The Wörld Is Yours”. Anyway, let me know what you think.


First thing I did tonight after my kids fell asleep, I had a HUGE doze of Aftershock. I totally look at it differently now, but intentionally keep what I’ve wrote before, so you could see how our mood can change the way we look at things. This time I just adored “Heartbreaker”, “Dust And Glass” and “Crying Shame”.

This album definitely kicks ass, I even don’t care anymore about the damaged sleeve – Rock’n’Roll is what important here! Please, enjoy a medley of Aftershock I’ve made:

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