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“The Black Cat” and “White Zombie” Movies Screening presented by Kirk Hammett and Bela Lugosi Jr.

The Black Cat White Zombie Kirk Hammett presentation

Last Thursday I had a great time in San Francisco at  The Black Cat and White Zombie Horror Movies screening, presented by Kirk Hammett and Bela Lugosi Jr. I’m not a person who watches movies very often, especially in theaters, but when I do  – I try to relax and to enjoy. So, being in Balboa Theatre, I enjoyed not only because of movies, not only because they were presented by Kirk, but also because of the very friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Several words about the movies with Bela Lugosi in both, with Boris Karloff in “The Black Cat” and with Robert Frazer in “White Zombie”. I mentioned here not the actors who played the main roles, but those, who’s playing I liked more. “The Black Cat” was screened first and I liked it most. Why? OK… First of all the plot was more interesting to me. Second reason is the fact, that the movie really impressed me by the technology used there. I’m pretty sure, the house, where it was filmed, could be considered as a modern one even today, in terms of design and technology. Just for the record, we’re talking about 1934 here. Also, the story, originally written by Edgar Allan Poe, is more realistic, comparing to “White Zombie”, which looks as a fairy tale to me. Finally, I just adored Boris Karloff”s character, Hjalmar Poelzig – a most successful architect of post First World War Europe, who built his house at the fortress Marmorosch, where he served and commanded, and where one of the most bloody battles was. Eventually after War,  Poelzig found an occult  sect… Here is where a bit horror comes out.

Despite the fact I liked “White Zombie” less, I have to admit, that Bela Lugosi’s role here is more dramatic. Also, I really liked Robert Frazer, who played Charles Beaumont –  the guy who was in love with fiancee and the one, who actually wanted to posses here and payed a “high price” for that ; this was a first time I’ve ever heard of that actor.

White Zommbie Bela Lugosi Kirk Hammett presentation

On the picture above you can see a Bela’s character figure, ‘Murder’ Legendre, from “White Zombie”. This figure and Karloff’s one on the post main picture, “wear” the original costumes used in movies.

As I already mentioned, both movies where not presented by Kirk Hammett only, but also by Bela Lugosi Jr., the son of the actor. At the break, between the movies, they both talked to the audience and answered some questions. In general, Kirk talked about his passion to horror movies; Bela shared his memories about the father. You can see the full conversation in the video below:

As a culmination of great evening, we had a meet and greet with Kirk and Bela, where they signed stuff and took picture with us. Kirk signed me “Too Much Horror For Business” book I purchased at the event, and he also signed my Metallica ticket, from 1993 concert.

Metallica 1993 ticket signed James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett Me and Kirk Hammet

Also, Kirk and Bella gave the event poster for free and signed on it.

Me and Kirk Hammett with Again, I very enjoyed the evening and cannot wait to attend a Fear Festival on February 7 2014 in Regency Ballroom and see Kirk’s horror collection in person.


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